Monday, August 16, 2010

A Drought Stricken Country, Flooded

Recurrently being mentioned in the media for dreadful incidents in the past week, Pakistan is a country victimized by yet another deathly mishap which peculiarly happens to be a natural disaster. This year’s monsoon rains caused a calamitous flood to occur in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan – now known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – and left infinite number of families homeless and destitute. Over 3 million people have been reported to be affected and about 1.3 million acres of crops are said to be destroyed, according to the Punjab Relief and Crisis Management.

Recent weeks have turned out to be grievously disastrous for the residents of Pakistan as they faced a plethora of horrific accidents, which lead to numerous deaths and repeated occurrence of the country’s name in the news. The nation had not fully recovered from the loss of their acquaintances or relatives due to a lethal plane crash in Islamabad, when another tragedy – pertaining to the assassination of a prominent political party’s member – evoked and intensified various acts of violence. Deleterious floods proved out to be another vicious blow to the poverty-stricken part of the nation – which happens to be the majority – residing near the flood-prone areas due to their inability to afford a safer habitat. Furthermore, to the nation’s additional dismay, Pakistani President Zardari opted to harbor a stoic attitude towards his indigent nation while delightfully cruising on foreign lands.

Friday, August 6, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 13; the thirteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

There was a congenial time long ago when people – specifically the elders of eastern communities – heartily believed that their revered lifestyles and established practices would be relived and continued throughout the subsequent generations, by their own off-springs. Unfortunately, such a belief lasted only for quite a bit and later came the era of some absurd fashions which foolishly happened to be asinine mixes of both the west and the east. And now, I take you on a journey which – after much introspective thoughts – I have earnestly named Goodbye to the Eastern Traditions.

Before completely diving into the details, I would like to sincerely point out that the usage of the term “eastern” refers to both the countries – India and Pakistan – which are considered extremely wealthy in terms of renowned traditions. Most of Pakistan’s traditions are a variation of Indian traditions since both the countries were one unit in the olden days.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Moronic Desire

An epitome of asininity…An embodiment of blind illiteracy…An absolute exemplification of heartlessness…All defined by a single desire – of having a male being born in the family – demonstrated by most of the residents of Pakistan. A daft so-called tradition which has victimized almost the entire Pakistani nation and isn’t being questioned considering the massive number of people posing as ardent supports privately, if not publicly.

A marital knot, tied between a strong man and a delicate woman, exhibits the initiation of a new beginning towards a supposedly prosperous life and an unbreakable commitment of being together for eternity; but what the in-laws fail to put forth is the condition suggesting dissolution of this contract, if and when the newlywed bride is unable to conceive specifically a son. Whether she is capable of reproducing or not, is an altogether different scenario at this point primarily because the mother-in-law – in particular – doesn’t cater to extrapolate on that scenario, thus heartily assumes the bride to be fertile.

The destitute woman in question, while succumbing to her purported mother – aka mother-in-law which I will refer to as the purported mother from now on – actually tries to fulfill the wish upon which her life continuously hangs. Unable to comprehend, as to why she would be held responsible if a son isn’t produced, she prays day and night in an attempt to make her newly founded family glad. As for the purported mother, she has a back-up plan in reserve; a plan which suggests her son’s second marriage if her desire isn’t brought to completion. To the utterly oblivious wife’s dismay, her supportive life partner also turns out to be a part of this atrocious scheme, no matter what the reason. Now, a notion worth-mentioning proves out to be the reaction of especially the purported mother after the birth of her grandchild. If luckily she is bestowed with a grandson, then she runs out on the streets and screams with joy and gives her blessing to her son; on the other hand, if a granddaughter is born, she endlessly blames the mother and shares her exasperating thoughts with her son. I can’t help but notice the importance of the wife – who gave birth after going through the troubles of pregnancy – in both the scenarios; she remains neglected and a mere medium of childbirth in this God-forsaken evil society.

The cause of the purported mother’s proclaimed superiority (even though she is a female herself) you may ask? There are two; one is her ability to produce a son, even if he happens to be the only child and after whose birth she became infertile, and second is her misconception pertaining to the asserted fact that the grandchild would serve to be a support for not only his parents - but also his grandparents. All other irrelevant thoughts – dealing with karma − do not matter and never will because she has a son and everything else is absolute garbage. She miserably fails to grasp the significance of having to see the face of an angelic child, let alone being blessed with a baby boy.

There is nothing more beastly and cruel than this asinine tradition of fostering desire to have sons or grandsons. Such women shouldn’t be granted with children of their own, let alone the penchant for having grandchildren. I consider it one of the major dilemmas of Pakistani society, which if eliminated can, not only lead to a powerful society of women but also can eventually halt their brutal deaths and murders, be it physically or mentally.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Label Of Infertility

This demanding world isn’t perfect but the little chunks of happiness most of us attain by the fulfillment of our never-ending prayers or by some supernatural help doesn’t seem to last long enough to truly experience them nor the feelings of thankfulness. Happiness is an emotion which usually struts away from a female’s life in Pakistan, especially if she has been brutally held responsible for being infertile.

Fertility, a feature which is acknowledged by every human as an ability bestowed upon mankind by God yet when a woman is declared sterile, it is somehow her exclusive fault. Countless women in Pakistan, during their first year of marriage, distress themselves with a pain-staking thought questioning their fertility; a question with a long wait and the answer to which -when available- will be used as a basis to make decisions of their life. But till the time comes, they need to ponder upon the possibilities which happens to be only two; either becoming a mother or sharing their so-called life partner. Such a female harbors an agonizing fear prior to her firstborn, pertaining to her mother-in-law’s utmost desire of a child and that too a boy in particular. The feelings of condolences might have been fostered by the mother-in-law, had she encountered the same issue but since that is not the case, the wife is left unconsoled.

Males, Pakistani males to be specific, do not happen to be penalized by their mothers if they actually aren’t able to reproduce, primarily because either they have a sacrificing wife who would willingly pose as if she is at fault or they have a mother who knowingly would blame her daughter-in-law as being incapable of reproducing. Furthermore, there would be no benevolent soul who could advice the head of the household to not to commit the torturous act of marrying another woman without the consent of his first wife. The oh-so-famous “Be a man, you can do anything as you please…and Islam gives you right to marry four times” statement has done enough to effectively brainwash the males of this male-dominant society. Thus, it would be safe to present a claim suggesting men at an advantage due to their purported superiority which they employ when conjuring up comebacks against their avid supporters also known as their spouses.

What position and importance of women – victim to the label of infertility – does this asinine logic constitute? I assure you, it is not a very good one. Instead of being cherished for being subservient and amiable lifetime-supporters for their husbands, sterile woman are heartlessly tormented and mercilessly accused of being unable to procreate. It’s about time; such people realize the extent to which a female’s feelings hold importance and the chances of an instance when they themselves could have suffered through the same agonizing label of being sterile.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Deviated Concern

A cogitative account on the exaggerated and ardent concern harbored by Pakistanis, regarding the successes of foreign countries, especially India. When strictly talking about Pakistan-India encounters; if India wins – in any competition possible between the combative neighboring nations – Pakistanis become extremely interested in ranting about the reasons and malpractices causing such a win. On the other hand, if Pakistan wins, again people are intensely involved in discussions pertaining to India’s loss rather than Pakistan’s victory. From what I have seen, in such competitions, Pakistan’s victory becomes glorified if it is against our purported arch enemy; our neighboring nation.

Many folks justify this questionable behavior by describing the extent to which India despises Pakistan, due to which such a victory becomes beyond glorious and also that the “shove-it-in-your-face” logic actually becomes acceptable. No matter what the reason behind shoving one’s victory in other nation’s face be, no matter how much the nation happened to deserve it; it is not – and should not be – admissible, by any means. A few other plebeians try to persuade the ones against such actions by taking use of a tu quoque logical fallacy, suggesting an approval of such behavior merely because the person/group in question is caught demonstrating it as well. For example, if India resorts to being deeply concerned about Pakistan’s loss rather than its victory, then undoubtedly Pakistanis also have a right to exhibit similar behavior.

The main point, due to which this post was given birth, refers to the idea of being devotedly involved only in Pakistan’s performance or victory, and noticing other nations’ accomplishments/losses but not dwelling on them. Moreover, we need to cater to our own flaws which are causing us to lag behind and improving them in an attempt to win this competitive race of life. In the end, only Pakistan matters and should be the center of Pakistani nation’s attention.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pakistan and its Bans

The title alone might be sufficient in order to grasp the theme of this rather stirring article. Pakistan – which happens to be a land of mischief these days apparently – has been on the verge of breaking a world record for the immense number of propositions for various kinds of bans. Be it anything – measured according to relevance in relation to matters being global or national – from as minute as boycotting a local organization to something as paramount as a complete media ban, Pakistan is becoming notable to many as the king of either proposed or practiced bans.

The cause you may ask? Well, to be bluntly honest, God knows best about the – whether irascible or contemplative as well as theoretical – thoughts behind the proposed bans. Just about any group, at any time, would try to adduce some sort of embargo due to the improper behavior – improper mainly for them since they overtly don't cater much to other's opinions about the matter – of the subject in question.

A recent example to illustrate this point includes Ali Zafar's new movie Tere Bin Ladin, which is a movie one might search on and find some good reviews as of yet. It is claimed to have a humorous and witty take on the recently famous issue pertaining to terrorism but unfortunately Pakistan firmly opted to ban it, due to which the current news was furnished with a headline which claimed the movie to have released everywhere except Pakistan. It might be because of many reasons, but the reason mentioned repeatedly pertains to the idea of Pakistan being increasingly vulnerable to additional terrorist attacks. Now, I can understand why the government might be intensely concerned regarding this notion but the need of a solid ban for it escapes me and is truly beyond my rather profound thoughts. Moreover, the apparently taunting – yet true – headline seen at many websites and newspapers is adequate enough to rule Pakistan out of the whole world.

Another example might include boycotting Facebook in an attempt to display an utter annoyance for the page/group, which contained blasphemies and enraged the Muslim community throughout the world. Again, I can fully comprehend the distress people – especially Muslims – might harbor pertaining to this dilemma but I, yet again, fail to grasp the result a boycott for Facebook might have. Seemingly, it only lead people to label Pakistan with the discordant mark of intolerance, while other Muslims nations kept a patience stance either out of the faith of God taking care of the person/group in question or due to the fear of their reputation being tarnished by any asinine actions.

There are many other examples which can be mentioned when talking about bans which have been suggested or practiced in the past or even recently. The reason why I feel the compelling need to discuss this issue of bans in Pakistan, is because Pakistan needs to stop presenting itself as a considerably delicate and vulnerable nation in order to halt the embarrassing mockery. Firstly, as I mentioned above while talking about the movie ban, Pakistan unintentionally ended up being excluded from the term "everywhere" and appeared as a deserted intolerant; which caused it to be heartlessly ridiculed and be branded as a chauvinist or as a conservative nation. Pakistan, already being incinerated bit by bit by the fabricated Muslims, doesn't need additional distress by being criticized on various kinds of media where the world can bicker about it.

My suggestion would be to ignore the term ban from being affiliated with Pakistan, so that the nation of Pakistan can have the honor of seeing at least one day which doesn't have Pakistan being harshly criticized by the media. Avoid the bans in their entirety and if there absolutely has to be a ban, then support the bans which encounter social and traumatic issues such as domestic violence, illegalities of law, etc. Let's make a better Pakistan, first by making rational decisions.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Arduous Struggle

For quite some time now people have been condemning Pakistani actors and singers - who are opting to make a better use of their skills and aiming a shot at prosperity in Bollywood - without pondering upon the chances of their own reaction had they been in the same situation at any point in time. Artists such as Adnan Sami, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and many others have been branded with names like “popularity seeker,” “unpatriotic,” and even at times a “traitor,” merely due to them being trying their luck in Indian media; but despite these labels, the popularity of these artists have hardly seen to be deteriorated.

Such Indo-Pakistani artists – as I like to sincerely name them – face a harder struggle than many of the Pakistani artists or the Indian artists predominantly because they are required to show their skills to both the countries in order to be publically recognized as artists. Not only do they arduously struggle with a foreign industry, trying to thrive with a foreign media industry, while being considered as outsiders, but also they have to continuously cope with the rants of their own nation which might steer them away from giving their utmost and foremost concentration to the work at hand.

The notion which most people fail to notice is that these artists are trying to establish their career and in doing so they are eliminating any feelings of discrimination against the foreign media. Now, on the other hand, whatever the foreign media – to which these artists usually look up to for improvements in their career – deduces about this situation or about the artist in question, is a totally different matter and generally it won’t conflict with the artist’s thoughts in the first place. The reason for this point might include the artist’s deep passion to be recognized publically, no sense of discrimination for the foreign media, and worldwide recognition of the artist’s own country as opposed to the suggested claim of the artist being unpatriotic.

The question, for which our inquisitive nation is eager to gain some understanding, in order to discover an answer for, inquires about the reason which causes our artists to hope to excel in foreign media, especially Indian media. Well, the answer is simple but very hard to digest for our nation, in fact any nation for that matter. The response to this query deals with the notion of foreign media being wanted to a greater extent as compared to the Pakistani media which could be due to a few reasons; dramas or programs of constant grief on our channels, low quality of movies as compared to movies produced by others, bigger variety of shows or movies presented by other channels. All the points mentioned, plus the ones which I might have missed, point to the fact that our media needs some solid improvement. Denying this fact or dwelling on thoughts suggesting the idea that we are doing better than the rest would only cause our artists to stray away from our own TV/movie industry. Once we fully comprehend this answer, we can improve our media and provide a better medium for not only our artists but foreign ones as well, so that they are able to attain commendable recognition and plan on working for a long period of time.

Posted on on 19th July, 2010
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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Urge to Ban

Thou shalt not watch foreign media. A notion supported by many Pakistanis who foster a misconception that placement of such a ban would increase revenue for Pakistani media industry, halt Pakistanis from preferring to watch other channels, and also would indirectly cease Pakistani artists from heading over to the neighboring country. This article would reflect my sincere opinion on this repeatedly discussed issue.

Why and how, one might think, would this highly contested ban work? After much contemplation as to why people might be in favor of such a ban, I have devised a few ruminative points which are noticeably common. Firstly, people have a tendency to think that such a prohibition would cause the Pakistani nation – especially the youngsters – to discontinue their admiration for other forms of media which has evoked them to adopt some unacceptable ways in order to appear attractive to their peers. Secondly, in the eyes of a few Pakistanis, folks who are dedicated viewers of foreign media – be it Indian, American, etc – are generating more revenue for the very channels they are watching. Thirdly, it might lead Pakistani artists to retain their struggles without moving elsewhere in an attempt to boost their fame. They might not be able to enter the foreign industry, predominantly because of the reciprocal effect – as I like to name it – which denotes the idea of a country ceasing access to its media by the artists of a particular country which banned its media. Lastly, this ban might create a sense of patriotism and escalate the half-hearted feelings, which many of the youngsters show towards Pakistani media these days. Also, as few folks claim, it will put an end to their (at times) unacceptable modern lifestyle and cause them to adopt Pakistani traditions whole heartedly.

For people who harbor the views – whether one or all of them – mentioned above, I would like to bring forth an explanation, which if applied could put both the viewers’ and the artists’ minds at ease and polish the Pakistani media industry. I intend to address each of the points mentioned above with an answer of my own. Beginning with the point regarding the development of heightened admiration for Pakistani media by the youngsters due to this ban; the reason why this point doesn’t seem competent enough is because such a prohibition would inevitably result in a plethora of loopholes and intensified irreverence, considering youngsters’ extensive liking for the foreign channels. Demand for other channels is increasing because of their large variety of programs and also many people prefer to watch them in order to learn about their language and culture, especially if it comes from a country which is much idolized in different aspects. Second point might be true but I would, in turn, like to pose a question to the people who keep on referring to this revenue ordeal; what about the people who are in love with Pakistani dramas and despise missing a single episode even if the drama drags beyond 100 episodes? Aren’t they generating revenue for our media? Now, I do know that this revenue won’t be considered enough in the eyes of Pakistanis and therefore my suggestion would be to improve our current channels and their programs so that they are able to indefatigably compete with the excessively famous foreign channels. As for the third point, it isn’t necessarily true that artists would choose not to try their luck in another country merely because of a ban. They might be disappointed by such a regulation enforced by their own country, yes, but I highly doubt a decrease in the number of artists migrating will occur. As far as the last point is concerned, I would refer back to my first explanation of people discovering a vast number of new and efficient alternatives in an attempt to unblock the media being banned, either out of an instinct to go against this fatuous prohibition or just to watch the programs they regularly follow. Moreover, they apparently won’t happen to making use of the current modernities because Pakistan does have its own fashion industry following the west, which majorly contributes to the modern lifestyle.
In any case, no matter what the points behind this prohibition be, a ban is never an answer to any dilemma since it is an extremely inefficient way of proving one’s point and seems as if one is coercing people into following what one claims to be correct. Instead of focusing on various kinds of bans, the Pakistani nation – as well as the government – should aim at amending the flaws their media possesses and polishing them so that they attract a considerable amount of viewers. Furthermore, they should try to comprehend the tactics used by the eminently renowned channels in order to gain a finer understanding concerning viewer’s preferences. Lastly, producing light-hearted programs and prudent dramas would cause not only Pakistani viewers, but viewers throughout the world to pursue following Pakistani dramas frequently, which would give our media a commendable recognition.

Support improvements, not bans, and focus on our performances rather than catering to the ways of foreign media. Let’s take a step towards a positive improvement!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pacifying news!

According to an article published on the website of Dawn News, Google has officially denied the top ranking of Pakistan in the searches pertaining to inappropriate material on the internet.

"ISLAMABAD: Google officially denied the accuracy of its search trends that declared Pakistan as the top nation searching for illicit material on the internet, according to Dawn sources."

I was highly delighted to come across this news and at once decided to share this piece. Finally, a bashing for the news channels promoting such horrific news regarding the Islamic republic of Pakistan. There are many factors present which help in denying such a claim, one of which includes Pakistan possessing less than 5% people out of the whole nation who are active users of internet.

Referring back to the dawn article,

"There are eight million users of internet in Pakistan which makes only five per cent of the country's total population."

Alas, the mystery unfolds, clearing any stains of impurity splattered at the nation of Pakistan.

Link to the article:
DAWN.COM | Sci-Tech | Pakistan top on porn search: Google denies

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rant on word usage #2

Usage of a word that needs a good ranting


A word that I have come to truly despise chiefly because of the excessive usage of it. Some people, I have realized, have made it a habit to make use of this beautiful word in order to express their expressions fully. Most common applications for this word may include faces, animals, places, dresses, facial expressions, etc. Its a highly degrading word and it pains me to see people usually using it for every thing they dislike.

I am not halting people from using it but the abundance of this term all around me is excruciating and has caused me to judge the person in question negatively. I personally am against this word and would be the first one to vote for it to be removed forever from every dictionary on this planet.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Serious Contemplation

A one of a kind rant which harbors no feelings of anger on anyone, in fact I am at a loss of thoughts as to whom I should be furious at, while writing this piece. Primarily because venting one's anger on a particular being repeatedly would be strikingly similar to bashing one's head on the wall. Without further delay, I will dive right into this tirade of mine.

Pakistan, a land which was never quite able to, at least not in the recent years, achieve a promising opportunity to offer its nation a peaceful life not because it doesn't possess the ability to do so but because there was an absence of a stable and sage leader. As much as I want to bash the current Pakistani elites with full force and brainwash them to dedicate themselves only for the betterment of Pakistan, I wouldn't waste my time and my precious words, be them appraising or degrading, on such people.

The question still remains that why, oh why is the nation paying when its leaders are experiencing pleasure by fulfilling their demands and disdaining those of the masses? A million dollar question with no solid answer, unfortunately. Or maybe, an answer which has been hidden beneath the folds of their posh carpets meant to enhance their rotten yet apparently beautiful mansions. Despite any reason, every single thing portrayed about Pakistan in the media, from recurring inflation to suicide bombings, is just disconcerting. Its baffling for me in such a way that I pray almost everyday to not to read in the news about the cringe-worthy happenings in Pakistan. Is that what our forefathers thought of while conjuring up a dream about a separate homeland? I think not!

There are numerous types of Pakistanis present, both inside and outside of Pakistan. A few overseas ones who have their nerves clenched in a tightly held jaw of their own sentiments towards their homeland, making them feel half-guilty of leaving the country and half-proud to have done well in another country. Then there is the other kind; the ones living in Pakistan who have no sense of attachment to anything which is taking place in their place of residence. All they do is cater to their own superficial desires while pretending to show a bit of concern for the country as well. Other kinds would include the overseas ignorant Pakistanis who are deemed Pakistanis because their parents happen to be born in that trouble-some land, or the ones who do care but due to the media constantly yapping about the bad happenings in their homeland, they just pretend to not care. One can definitely mention more and more of these types and I am only touching the few which are coming to my mind as I type. There are of course many good types as well but since this piece is being written out of my agitation, I tend to focus mainly on the ones at fault.

Pakistan, still a young country compared to many of the big older ones, is mocked daily for the mishaps occurring; from the high illiteracy rate to the cruel extremism, but does anyone ever bother to think if its really the nation's fault? Is it reasonable to ridicule the people who have absolutely no say in the matters, who have no sense of security in their own country, who are left destitute by their own government, who are below the average poverty level and have no assurance for life, let alone the mundane needs and unattainable wants?

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Rant on word usage #1

Usage of a word that needs a good ranting


I seriously despise the usage of this term hate. The reason is still unknown to me but perhaps I can still explain it. I can actually cut some slack for the people who use it only for objects which are man-made. But it enrages me to the core when people use it for God's creations; the primary examples of which would include humans, animals, plants, etc. This word is absolutely exasperating for me.

Rants on people who rant on the weather..

God, I can't stop ranting on these people and they happen to be present everywhere. They start of saying "Its hot today" and then it turns from a simple statement to a complaint and then a complaint full of profanities which would be something like "Its fu---ng hot, Oh My God!." I particularly dislike the complaints enhanced by such profane words. Just think about dumping these folks into Pakistan and letting them reside there long enough to brainwash them so that they never utter a single complaint about anything at all, let alone weather. Its okay (perhaps) to complain about something which is made by humans but continuously yapping about some God-made feature of nature is just beyond my understanding. Maybe because of these idiotic folks, we get tremendous amounts of heat waves as we go along our life. I wish I could fix their mentality and comments with one movement of my hand.

America, Pakistan, Food and Anger..

Residing in America has made me realize so many things which I might have been ignorant to, had I not lived here. Primarily, I have come to realize a rather disparate distribution of basic necessities through out the world. America which is deemed as a land of opportunities has an abundance of basic necessities, most important of which is food. I can't point out the reason why it is so but it is a recurring notion which I have been noticing for quite some time. Affluence of food is not the point which I want to vent my anger upon, instead it is the misuse of this abundance which bothers me.

A scenario to elaborate my post here..

Kid #1 - "Hey, want a cookie?"

Kid #2 - "Sure."

Kid #1 - "How is it? Like it?"

Kid #2 - "Eww no! It tastes weird!" and throws it in the trash can.

Firstly, he could have eaten it and not thrown it because many people in Pakistan starve to death and would be willing to eat just about anything in order to survive. Secondly, the kid shouldn't be disgracing the food like the way he did..but of course I don't expect people of other races to be conscious about this point. (not being racist or anything)

Another scenario might be kids playing with food and kicking the fruits or smashing them under their feet, etc. All this behavior enrages me to the core! People residing in USA have no idea about what most of the Pakistanis, be it kids or adults, have to go through in order to survive just for a few more days. They have been deprived of the basic needs of life, let alone these fruits, desserts, etc which would be considered "luxuries" by the poverty-stricken Pakistanis.

It just pains me to see all this happening when somewhere in the world people are dying just to eat that one piece of food which someone somewhere threw away only on the basis that it tastes weird..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The trend of "Fitting-in" in Pakistan

A new trend of "fitting in" can be seen to be taking place in Pakistan these days. A trend which is not only adopted by the youngsters but some of the adults as well. Firstly, I would like to comment on the bizarre slang most of the people are using. They are either adopting it directly from the foreign media or indirectly from their peers. Be it the agitating transformation of the word "the" to the new term "da" or the use of profanity in order to make one appear appealing to the peers, it is certainly disturbing. Secondly, bothersome changes in the beautiful dress of shalwar kameez has made me shiver to the bone. Shalwars looking like capri pants or better yet Raj Kapoor's pants for crying out loud. Kameez for the most part remained the same, except that it became tighter and tighter and the sleeves became shorter and shorter until they were no longer visible. There are many other examples which can be given to elaborate this particular scenario..

I don't blame the nation since due to the current situation in Pakistan they are totally confused about what to do in order to fit in. But still they should contemplate about the presentation of their personalities and ethics when using such terms or when adhering to such trends. Media is not to be blamed as well because they have their own needs to fulfill and one can't halt people from watching the modernizations of other nations.

Lota vs. Muslim Shower - An Epic Argument

The oh-so-amazing argument or a discussion of lota vs. Muslim shower. Pretty much everyone will vote for a Muslim shower, considering the issues pertaining to lota.

Lota Issues for overseas Pakistanis
1) Lota being mistaken for a "gardening pot" by an outsider
2) Accidentally spilling the lota
3) Bathroom mats absorbing the water spilled by the lota
4) Filling the lota using the sink

Lota Issues for Pakistanis in Pakistan
- Everything except number 1 in the above list (mostly)

Lota Benefits for all Pakistanis
- Better usage than a plain bottle
- Efficient and user-friendly

Muslim shower issues
1) Leakages from the pipe
That's pretty much it

Muslim shower benefits
1) Extremely easy to use
2) No need of filling it up like lota
3) No spilling
And many more which I can't think of right now..

Pakistani Dramas, Monotony, Rantings....all the good stuff

Commonly asked question:
Why do Pakistanis watch more Bollywood as compared to Lollywood or Pakistani dramas?

Simple Answer:
Because most of the Pakistani dramas are (insert your choice of a not-so-good word) sad and full of grief!

Explanation + Ranting:
There was a time when people were crazy about Pakistani dramas. The casts, directors, locations, stories, themes used to be brilliant and extremely interesting. Now, that every channel is privatized and almost every drama has the same cast, producer and the director..the stories are turning out to be similar as well. Every drama that one puts on has at least some part which is extra-ordinarily sad. Even if it is true, I don't think people would want to see that on the television primarily because it doesn't relieve them of the tensions they see in their life every single day.
And thus, people turn to the Bollywood "leave-your-brains-at-home" comedy, even if its annoyingly boring. AT least it will contain some stupidity which might arouse a smile or two.

Suggestion to the TV world:
Make more sitcoms, even if they lack a great story line (such as Fifty Fifty) and light-hearted dramas with just a bit of sadness if it absolutely has to be there. And also, improve our movie industry so that people are able to come back to Pakistani media instead of searching for better alternatives.

Hacking Galore..

News: Another hacker hacked something..

Oh what is it with these hackers?! Why can't they put their head to some good use? They are sharp and smart because they are able to hack softwares, programs, files, personal information, identities then why don't they use this brilliance to earn money LEGALLY? I admit I have had moments (everyone does) where I wanted to have a hacking brain so that I could check so and so's private profile on Facebook or to get someone's email password, but I never really got into it maybe because of the ethics (or not having a sharp mind haha =/ ). Nonetheless, hackers have a lot of time on their hands for this act. If they put this effort into a job or something "positively" creative then it would be worth the time.

PS. I put positively in quotes because I think hacking can be considered creative in a way but negatively of course.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain rain rain....and complaints!

Here comes the rain and when it comes people start commenting like "Oh God its raining again," or "Oh no! I will get wet again," etc. You can think of adding up the profanities in it as well..I just didn't want to elaborate the statements with them. So before it rains and is hot/humid, people are complaining about the sun and the heat. The point is most people (including me) never stop complaining. But what is the problem with human psychology? Why do we only see the "bad" side of the coin and not the bright one? Are we conditioned to be this way or the life patterns these days have made us so?

I wonder why..

Ever wondered why most people don't even bother to open a federal student aid packet, let alone apply for it? Because it takes hell of a long time to look at and then finish! I was going through one of those applications recently and God it was so boring and so long! So, okay they need to know this info..I understand their dilemma too but can't they make it just a "bit" more fun? I don't know how but they should! So that more people can access it and don't stay back due to the extensive information..

Pakistan, Population and Petulance

So I was reading about the world population day which is observed every year on 11th June. Thinking about the word population brings forth Pakistan's name in mind which in turn provokes me to thrash the Pakistani government and put everything in place using my very own hands. Pakistan would have done a lot better, had it not been for the corrupt government whose very leader can't stop asking for aid. Now is it really the nation's fault for being illiterate or for being ignorant about population issues and birth control procedures? I think not. One way or the other, the government is responsible; it doesn't make primary education free and accessible, it doesn't deal with inflation and lowering taxes, it doesn't stop asking for aid and catering to its own unfathomable desires. But in the end, not only the corrupt government but also the nation is disgraced where as I deem is the fault of corruption for the most part.

Rant away..

The universal "Should homosexuals be given the privilege of using the term marriage?" question requires attention!

Yet another same sex "marriage" taking place somewhere around the world and some couple acquiring the privilege of getting married. No offense to any of the homosexuals out there. My point is to eliminate the usage of the term "marriage" for homosexuals and use something else like "civil union" or similar in order to retain the original meaning of the term marriage. Almost every religion defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, thus considering a legal union between two people a marriage would do injustice to the word.

Vent out your anger on the matter, be it for any side. And offense to anyone. It is a "vent out your anger" blog after all!