Monday, July 12, 2010

Pakistan, Population and Petulance

So I was reading about the world population day which is observed every year on 11th June. Thinking about the word population brings forth Pakistan's name in mind which in turn provokes me to thrash the Pakistani government and put everything in place using my very own hands. Pakistan would have done a lot better, had it not been for the corrupt government whose very leader can't stop asking for aid. Now is it really the nation's fault for being illiterate or for being ignorant about population issues and birth control procedures? I think not. One way or the other, the government is responsible; it doesn't make primary education free and accessible, it doesn't deal with inflation and lowering taxes, it doesn't stop asking for aid and catering to its own unfathomable desires. But in the end, not only the corrupt government but also the nation is disgraced where as I deem is the fault of corruption for the most part.

Rant away..


Anonymous said...

I agree. It is the government's fault on everything that is happening. The government,since it is in place to provide for and protect the country, should be the one to encourage the people by providing at least for their basic needs. A great first step would be fixing their electricity!

democratic-leadership said...

Good comment Anonymous. Electricity and education are the two main points they should look into.

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