Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lota vs. Muslim Shower - An Epic Argument

The oh-so-amazing argument or a discussion of lota vs. Muslim shower. Pretty much everyone will vote for a Muslim shower, considering the issues pertaining to lota.

Lota Issues for overseas Pakistanis
1) Lota being mistaken for a "gardening pot" by an outsider
2) Accidentally spilling the lota
3) Bathroom mats absorbing the water spilled by the lota
4) Filling the lota using the sink

Lota Issues for Pakistanis in Pakistan
- Everything except number 1 in the above list (mostly)

Lota Benefits for all Pakistanis
- Better usage than a plain bottle
- Efficient and user-friendly

Muslim shower issues
1) Leakages from the pipe
That's pretty much it

Muslim shower benefits
1) Extremely easy to use
2) No need of filling it up like lota
3) No spilling
And many more which I can't think of right now..


Anonymous said...

The only disadvantage that can be with a muslim shower is that you can accidentally spray your face when waking up for fajr..

democratic-leadership said...

Haha, rightly said. Or if one is checking if its working or not and point it at one's face.. =)

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