Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Deviated Concern

A cogitative account on the exaggerated and ardent concern harbored by Pakistanis, regarding the successes of foreign countries, especially India. When strictly talking about Pakistan-India encounters; if India wins – in any competition possible between the combative neighboring nations – Pakistanis become extremely interested in ranting about the reasons and malpractices causing such a win. On the other hand, if Pakistan wins, again people are intensely involved in discussions pertaining to India’s loss rather than Pakistan’s victory. From what I have seen, in such competitions, Pakistan’s victory becomes glorified if it is against our purported arch enemy; our neighboring nation.

Many folks justify this questionable behavior by describing the extent to which India despises Pakistan, due to which such a victory becomes beyond glorious and also that the “shove-it-in-your-face” logic actually becomes acceptable. No matter what the reason behind shoving one’s victory in other nation’s face be, no matter how much the nation happened to deserve it; it is not – and should not be – admissible, by any means. A few other plebeians try to persuade the ones against such actions by taking use of a tu quoque logical fallacy, suggesting an approval of such behavior merely because the person/group in question is caught demonstrating it as well. For example, if India resorts to being deeply concerned about Pakistan’s loss rather than its victory, then undoubtedly Pakistanis also have a right to exhibit similar behavior.

The main point, due to which this post was given birth, refers to the idea of being devotedly involved only in Pakistan’s performance or victory, and noticing other nations’ accomplishments/losses but not dwelling on them. Moreover, we need to cater to our own flaws which are causing us to lag behind and improving them in an attempt to win this competitive race of life. In the end, only Pakistan matters and should be the center of Pakistani nation’s attention.

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