Wednesday, July 14, 2010

America, Pakistan, Food and Anger..

Residing in America has made me realize so many things which I might have been ignorant to, had I not lived here. Primarily, I have come to realize a rather disparate distribution of basic necessities through out the world. America which is deemed as a land of opportunities has an abundance of basic necessities, most important of which is food. I can't point out the reason why it is so but it is a recurring notion which I have been noticing for quite some time. Affluence of food is not the point which I want to vent my anger upon, instead it is the misuse of this abundance which bothers me.

A scenario to elaborate my post here..

Kid #1 - "Hey, want a cookie?"

Kid #2 - "Sure."

Kid #1 - "How is it? Like it?"

Kid #2 - "Eww no! It tastes weird!" and throws it in the trash can.

Firstly, he could have eaten it and not thrown it because many people in Pakistan starve to death and would be willing to eat just about anything in order to survive. Secondly, the kid shouldn't be disgracing the food like the way he did..but of course I don't expect people of other races to be conscious about this point. (not being racist or anything)

Another scenario might be kids playing with food and kicking the fruits or smashing them under their feet, etc. All this behavior enrages me to the core! People residing in USA have no idea about what most of the Pakistanis, be it kids or adults, have to go through in order to survive just for a few more days. They have been deprived of the basic needs of life, let alone these fruits, desserts, etc which would be considered "luxuries" by the poverty-stricken Pakistanis.

It just pains me to see all this happening when somewhere in the world people are dying just to eat that one piece of food which someone somewhere threw away only on the basis that it tastes weird..

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