Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The trend of "Fitting-in" in Pakistan

A new trend of "fitting in" can be seen to be taking place in Pakistan these days. A trend which is not only adopted by the youngsters but some of the adults as well. Firstly, I would like to comment on the bizarre slang most of the people are using. They are either adopting it directly from the foreign media or indirectly from their peers. Be it the agitating transformation of the word "the" to the new term "da" or the use of profanity in order to make one appear appealing to the peers, it is certainly disturbing. Secondly, bothersome changes in the beautiful dress of shalwar kameez has made me shiver to the bone. Shalwars looking like capri pants or better yet Raj Kapoor's pants for crying out loud. Kameez for the most part remained the same, except that it became tighter and tighter and the sleeves became shorter and shorter until they were no longer visible. There are many other examples which can be given to elaborate this particular scenario..

I don't blame the nation since due to the current situation in Pakistan they are totally confused about what to do in order to fit in. But still they should contemplate about the presentation of their personalities and ethics when using such terms or when adhering to such trends. Media is not to be blamed as well because they have their own needs to fulfill and one can't halt people from watching the modernizations of other nations.

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