Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Serious Contemplation

A one of a kind rant which harbors no feelings of anger on anyone, in fact I am at a loss of thoughts as to whom I should be furious at, while writing this piece. Primarily because venting one's anger on a particular being repeatedly would be strikingly similar to bashing one's head on the wall. Without further delay, I will dive right into this tirade of mine.

Pakistan, a land which was never quite able to, at least not in the recent years, achieve a promising opportunity to offer its nation a peaceful life not because it doesn't possess the ability to do so but because there was an absence of a stable and sage leader. As much as I want to bash the current Pakistani elites with full force and brainwash them to dedicate themselves only for the betterment of Pakistan, I wouldn't waste my time and my precious words, be them appraising or degrading, on such people.

The question still remains that why, oh why is the nation paying when its leaders are experiencing pleasure by fulfilling their demands and disdaining those of the masses? A million dollar question with no solid answer, unfortunately. Or maybe, an answer which has been hidden beneath the folds of their posh carpets meant to enhance their rotten yet apparently beautiful mansions. Despite any reason, every single thing portrayed about Pakistan in the media, from recurring inflation to suicide bombings, is just disconcerting. Its baffling for me in such a way that I pray almost everyday to not to read in the news about the cringe-worthy happenings in Pakistan. Is that what our forefathers thought of while conjuring up a dream about a separate homeland? I think not!

There are numerous types of Pakistanis present, both inside and outside of Pakistan. A few overseas ones who have their nerves clenched in a tightly held jaw of their own sentiments towards their homeland, making them feel half-guilty of leaving the country and half-proud to have done well in another country. Then there is the other kind; the ones living in Pakistan who have no sense of attachment to anything which is taking place in their place of residence. All they do is cater to their own superficial desires while pretending to show a bit of concern for the country as well. Other kinds would include the overseas ignorant Pakistanis who are deemed Pakistanis because their parents happen to be born in that trouble-some land, or the ones who do care but due to the media constantly yapping about the bad happenings in their homeland, they just pretend to not care. One can definitely mention more and more of these types and I am only touching the few which are coming to my mind as I type. There are of course many good types as well but since this piece is being written out of my agitation, I tend to focus mainly on the ones at fault.

Pakistan, still a young country compared to many of the big older ones, is mocked daily for the mishaps occurring; from the high illiteracy rate to the cruel extremism, but does anyone ever bother to think if its really the nation's fault? Is it reasonable to ridicule the people who have absolutely no say in the matters, who have no sense of security in their own country, who are left destitute by their own government, who are below the average poverty level and have no assurance for life, let alone the mundane needs and unattainable wants?

Posted on RallyPakistan on July 19th, 2010.
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