Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rants on people who rant on the weather..

God, I can't stop ranting on these people and they happen to be present everywhere. They start of saying "Its hot today" and then it turns from a simple statement to a complaint and then a complaint full of profanities which would be something like "Its fu---ng hot, Oh My God!." I particularly dislike the complaints enhanced by such profane words. Just think about dumping these folks into Pakistan and letting them reside there long enough to brainwash them so that they never utter a single complaint about anything at all, let alone weather. Its okay (perhaps) to complain about something which is made by humans but continuously yapping about some God-made feature of nature is just beyond my understanding. Maybe because of these idiotic folks, we get tremendous amounts of heat waves as we go along our life. I wish I could fix their mentality and comments with one movement of my hand.

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