Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rant on word usage #2

Usage of a word that needs a good ranting


A word that I have come to truly despise chiefly because of the excessive usage of it. Some people, I have realized, have made it a habit to make use of this beautiful word in order to express their expressions fully. Most common applications for this word may include faces, animals, places, dresses, facial expressions, etc. Its a highly degrading word and it pains me to see people usually using it for every thing they dislike.

I am not halting people from using it but the abundance of this term all around me is excruciating and has caused me to judge the person in question negatively. I personally am against this word and would be the first one to vote for it to be removed forever from every dictionary on this planet.


CATGIRL said...

Hey dear! I am a female MBA from Karachi, Pakistan. Honestly just browsing through good blogs and finding literate & intelligent writers like you to talk to me on various issues. Love ur blog outlook and ur awesome thoughts. I write on issues related to society, religion as well as some funny stuff. Best of Luck for ur blogging. I hope u can be a follower- if u like my blog? And don’t forget to comment please !!

democratic-leadership said...

Hello Catgirl! I am checking out your blog side by side as I type this. You will surely see me as a follower. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and I will definitely be visiting your blog frequently. =)

Vivarjitha said...

thanx for following my blog...hope u like it...and ur blog is gr8....i m totally democratic and political...i want to be a politician if i can and do something to change my country!!!so now i do know others who are for a change!!!

democratic-leadership said...

Thank you Vivarjitha. I really appreciate your comments and I sincerely hope for your dreams to be fulfilled. And I do like your blog..its interesting. =)

theBollywoodFan said...

This word is interesting. Now that I think of it, the only time I find myself using it routinely is when describing the landscape of the city of Houston, LOL. (I hope you don't live there, by the way, that could *so* trigger an 'ugly' (for me) rant! :D)

I find using a negation of a positive is a better way to get the point across. We could all always do better with our words, though. In rant mode, I really mean I wish others paid more attention to the words they used. There's usually a way to get a point effectively while being respectful.

R Zaib said...

LOL, I am not a big fan of Texas either and also, am in the hot - and sweet - Cali.. moreso hot than sweet though lol.

Completely agreed. People should seriously stop the usage of profanity. I just despise the F word! There are some other good words which could be used - my all time favorite is "badtameez" even if its for goras LOL. :P

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