Friday, May 6, 2011

Inaudible Cries of Desperation

An asserted failing country which happens to catch a plethora of media attention even by a mere domestic conflict – unworthy of public disclosure – has acquired nothing but loads of negative comments and none of its commendable news are ever acknowledged, let alone aired. People speculating closely into this excessively condemned country fail to notice the destitute silence Pakistan has adopted and the minute extent to which it comments other nations. 

Pakistan seems to be a lonesome child, deprived of his mother’s love – who happens to be residing in the fruitful world of her own – and fostering emotions of destitution, causing him to relinquish any productive desires; thus creating a black hole for him to delve into the darkness of his unending misery. For Pakistan, the word mother would be synonymous with the term President and the miseries would turn out to be the horrific incidents occurring recently; which never seem to loosen their sturdy grip but leave scars, marking the everlasting agony. 

A nation, heavily criticized and claimed to be literally boiling up on the world’s map, innocently lacks the fundamental tools which are needed to establish the basis of a successful community. Despite its countless attempts of trying its luck at acquiring prosperity, Pakistan unreasonably ends up being brutally defeated, mainly due to the stoic governmental attitude and inadequate provision of basic human rights.


An effective solution which can efficaciously steer Pakistani nation on the road to eventual success pertains to the idea of bringing about changes; changes which need to be made by the nation as a whole and not just by a single individual. Government’s active role in adequately improving Pakistan’s erroneous situation is indeed a prominent point but due to serious absence of public’s say in governmental affairs and decisions, nothing or very little can be done at the moment. Thus, ardently concentrating on the changes which can be made relatively quickly and by the people, seems to be a worth a try.

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